Alex (DM): Darkest Depths

Day 8: Part 2


Wizard guy appears after Greg talks smack about him. He chews us out (rightfully) (not?). Apparently there were other stones. (bullshit).

All stones:
+2 Str
+3 Con
+2 hp / 7 turns
+3 hp / 7 turns
x2 major actions / turns

Back in the tunnels. Through the flooded room, into the main palace structure, looking for side room stuff.

Memories, kid was a prince. Was saved by the tutor, younger, sent in time. Now he’s the right age. Now he’s about 35ish. Apparently he was regaining memories. Who knew?

In the central chamber, Darkness takes a humanoid form, can devolve into a serpentine configuration.



Darkness is sealed. Hall is flooded, darkness in the world is severely weakened, demon invasion stopped. All the petrified people unpetrified.


Kid’s name was Forsworn. Quasi-demigod. Descended from mortals. Magically bound to protect the city. He couldn’t die until he avenged it.

Voice in head: you can’t defeat darkness without becoming darkness.

Kid gives us the belt + black stone (friend and foe identification)

Start a merchandising company: Bobbleheads of Heroes of the Mortal Realm.

Day 8 (part 1)

The guardian people come with us (2 people)

Giant creepy rib cage a mile away. Crit perception. The ribs are tall enough to walk through. They are huge. But not building sized. Cracks on left side, heart torn out and stuff in them. Not sure age, weathering, or pre-death. Left side ribs are more cracked and shattered, cracking and shattering. Skeleton of an ancient great demon. Weird. They usually get sucked back to the other plane. somebody bound it to this plane.

City with high wall, huge gate. Very high tower sticking out. It’s the “Capital” of the region. Capital of the demons bound to this world. Possible portal to hell at the top of the tower. Magic regulates the city. most demons here are evil. May require a blood sacrifice.

Huge eye in the gate, red eye, a foot across. Catlike. Like the eye of sauron… with less fire. interrogates us.

Demon-Atlantean Treaty was broken long ago, nobody knows by who. The demons also do not like the Darkness (manmade that bridges dimensions). They agree to let us in with a blood sacrifice, everyone donates a pint of blood.

City is a maze whose walls change every time you enter or leave. We wander through the maze and reach the base of the tower.

Tower is made entirely of inscribed symbols.
“Mortals believe hell is below
But the eternal fall is heaven’s woe
But know that there is no good above
Just a different hell for mortal scum”

Colin wiffs on an attack with Mariah, blood fills a thin trench, stairs descend below the tower.

Invisible demons all around us visible via the goggles, screwing around with our stuff in our bags, messing with our heads. They shy away from the liquid darkness.

We go to the roof by going downstairs.

On the roof is a strange 5-dotted structure (five red stones) with a cat=eye thingy in the middle. Source of the power.

We step into the circle and a pentagram starts. Eye goes dark black. He was formed of this plane by THE WIZARD. He holds back the demons. No way to break the pentagram without removing him.

THE FIGHT (we poured darkness on 3/5 of the fire stones, might have been a bad idea)

Beat it, get the fire stone, things go to shit. All the demons are corporeal, running out to the real world to get to living souls. All the demons rise with their hearts beating, trying to escape from their chests. Ice storm @ the gate to hold them for a bit but they’re climbing out. everything becoming unpetrified. We time crack back to the cliff and prepare to leave.

Day 7

Pick up the cubes (separately) and follow time-line back to the village.

Lady and Colin’s bro hanging to the ceiling by their heart. Mariah takes time-compass, emergency food.

Back to the tunnels and the druids.

Frozen bodies on the trail have cracks over their hearts.

Mariah’s cat’s mom’s heart is ripped out. Druid’s circle, everybody’s gone. Even the animals and druids are gone. Silence.

Ride back to Ilnar things are normal. Magical Ministry. Try to get answers from the help desk. They are busy. Old man is the guy in charge. Fire stone is in the “desert”. Firescape from hell. A pin attached to cloaks that prevents eyes of darkness from fixing off. 2 ways: over or under. Climbing kit or break through seals.

Break through the rock pile, darkness on the other side.

Little kid’s fortune teller “Because Darkness is at the Heart of Everything” Pebbles falling from above.

Stop for the night: Mariah has living night terrors. Have to shock her to wake her up. On the first night after Mariah, Colin thinks he’s choking on his own blood, heart’s about to be ripped out. And the second night after. Basically everybody (except Greg) has night terrors one night.

Straight drop into hellscape. Belay down. Scorched earth. Hit the ground.

Southeast: reach a petrified shipwreck. Exists in a whole in time. Break open chests.

cap’n is charred, clutching, but he has his heart. Clothing is mysterious, unknown, probably from Atlantis. First mate, lookout scorched and petrified.

Boulders have fire, cooking utensils. Unflapped tent. Two guardians with crossbows aimed. We show them our pins, they’re exiles from one of the original demons, they’re banished. Same origin: banished to two separate wastelands: firey and wintery.

We tell them the story of the villagers and they curse in abyssal.

Day 6

Dwarven tunnels, let’s go! Druid guide. Druids will look for Mariah’s cat, Mittens.

Guide: Aurora. Dwarves started disappearing. Great darkness in the tunnels.

Arctic wolf cloaks: into the tunnels! 40 below. Imbued with protection spells. Water-fireproof.

Trippy directions. Treasure chest shennanigans. Colin punches the chest. Awoke a Mimic. Turned into a black blob. Drops ruby the size of a golf ball + 300 gp.

Poking chests and gettin’ loot. mariah gets golf-ball ruby, steel vial, leather belt o’tools. Greg gets Silver ring, locket, packet of dwarvish letters. Flower made of clear crystal.

old MIMIC: Very old. Onyx Cube goes to Colin.

Exit the cave to a winter wasteland. Silver cube same size as Onyx Cube.

Winter Wasteland: wandering slowly down the path, corpses.

Village of Inuit-Gnomes. Rift in the time-space continuum. Walk to the boulders. Boulders with path/torches.

We leave the cubes outside the boulders and head into the boulder caves. A maze of tunnels.

Chamber with runes. Solve the puzzle (with difficulty), meet two angels, who make us fight before we go into a fight. A demon / dragon stuff. Peter kills with the kid’s dagger.

No dark-cloaked-figures to be found. All weapons shattered, some blood splattered, just footprints.

Day 5:

We emerge from the water in a sexy montage. Apparently killing the hydra didn’t make us heroes, though. And also we didn’t kill the hydra and it’s come back with more heads. We killed it after it regrew about 9 heads or so, but the townspeople were understandably irate at the loss of their dock. Peter oh so generously paid for repairing the dock which made the townspeople love him. Then we swam down and grabbed the magic item from the hydra. After resting up fr the night, we got some horses for free and set out again to find the druids.

Then we got accosted by spiders. And we killed them. However, in the process we set our horses on fire and ended up setting the entire forest on fire. We still vanquished the spiders but unfortunately lost the horses because SOMEBODY decided that that would be a good idea. We arrived in Illnar and found that our horses were being taken care of.

Soon after, we learned of the location of the druids and set off to see if they could help us. However, they weren’t willing to help us right out. We agreed to protect them during one of their weird night rituals and got attacked by a bunch of darkness-controlled vines. Then the black ooze infected a tree, which we killed as well, and then some of the druids. They all floated in the air, we managed to save at least one of them, and the rest died similarly to how our friend the captain did.

We got the Breathing Stone!

Day 4

Standing outside the door.

“That was darkness”. Let’s go find the racist old wizard.

Go back to Ilnar. Ride horses. As of leaving the cave, seasons changed. Throne room has begun to age.

It’s been 3 years. A darkness in Shrude, the white wizard east past the mountains.

Kid says the guys are in the holding cells. (Vincent and Jeremy). Wearing translucent cloaks, lantern hanging from the belt.

“One hell of a night”
Sold bow and arrow, “Reinvest 300 gold into local business” Jeremy with Male Orc Prostitute. Vincent with High Elf and Drell. Orc threw the first punch at Jeremy. Vincent smash lantern onto the prostitute. Ran into the woods to escape. Torch of cold flame to light the lantern. A face. Gared. A demon called Pale Night trapped his soul in the lantern. Male orc prostitute joins them to free his soul. Got their soul bound to a Archfiend, can’t take off the veil. Gared has joined our merry group. Paid their bail.

The Inn. They remember us, kinda. Barmaid slaps vincent and peter. Things going on since the 3 years. Druids reawakening, people disappearing in Shrude, wizards popping in and out, bandits in the wastelands. Bartender knows the old wizard. He’s a guardian.

Mariah talks to the sailors: nobody sees the monsters because they all disappear. Peter’s room has become a honeymoon suite. The old guy is there. He’s an asshole. Like always. We need to get gills, be able to see in the dark. The seal is broken: tons of ocean water: pressure. MAGICAL ITEMS.

Story time: The island people had their hearts ripped out, darkness, etc, etc, powerful mage had a spell to preserve the royal line. Not sure what happened to the island or the people. Buried the city and flooded it. Preservation spell prevents it from aging. The heir needs to vanquish the darkness, have the items to do it. He needs mastery over all elements hack avatar hack. Allies or magical items required. The kid and the mage have water stones (prevent pressure). Need stones to breath, to see, to stay warm.

Shrude. Everyone buys two anchor coins. The storekeeper activates them. Vincent loses two testicles. Well he uses his cloak to attempt to save them, he only has one testicle. And he uses a feat to give him a saving throw against his testicle getting ripped off. However, he is still fertile. We pull out the storekeeper from the anchor cage. The activation word is petite and the deactivation is petite said backwards. Knock him out and put him a dunce hat on him. Put all the coins in the bucket.

It’s the guy we sold the boat to. The people are being taken. We accidently sank his (our) boat with the bucket of anchors. PICK UP THE COINS AT A LATER DATE ONCE WE HAVE THE BREATH UNDERWATER. Breaks an underground cavern, out comes a Shadow Hydra. 3 heads.

Fire Fountain: Dock ignites, hydra dies.

Day 3: Adventures on the high seas

We embark on the journey: 1 month of rations and lots of rope.

Vincent and Jerome’s characters will canoe out to us later: they are visiting the brothel. With twins.

Kooky Kolombo is useless. As expected.

We tell him we’re going west, but we turn south towards the island.

Water gets darker and darker, waves getting larger and larger.

“Don’t know what you would do without you, sir”
“Your knowledge is unmatched, sir”

watch out for krakens. It’s getting colder, stormier.

Storm weathered successfully
Oranges and seagulls leftover.
Nailed dead seagull to his door
Storm getting worse
Thunder and lightning

Kooky Kolombo hasn’t come out of his room for days.
We enter the room
He’s standing over his desk, stiff as a board, not breathing.
Mariah’s still piloting

Kolombo’s white and pale, mouth open, dead, he’s staring ahead, clenched at the table
Look of absolute horror. Eyes completely black. Heart is exposed.

Journal: he was headed that way all long. Magical currents. He thought we were nice people :(
He has no personal possessions: just books, maps, journals.

“My soul, for god’s sake leave me my soul”

What to do with his body… toss him.

“He was a crazy captain, but he was our crazy captain”

Mariah is in command now.
Decide not to go to center of island
We skirt the edge and head straight to Carnival.

Peter goes to sleep, aware he is dreaming, can’t wake up. Sleep 12 hours. Dreams of a screaming woman, and over, and over, and over, and over.

The kid hears the screams too.
Sound familiar, and I miss them. I wish there was something I could do. Alas I am trapped.

Mariah has a 2. Crowds of people screaming, children, feet running, woman screaming. Just hearing in the blackness.

Send Colin into the water with low-light goggles and attached to a rope to the boat. Most of the liquid water has liquid darkness in it, which are causing the waves/tides.

In Carnival

500 gp per day
Healed up
Herbalist looks at darkness, confused, come back later.
Meet Vincent and Jeremy in the red light district. Help them hide a dead hooker.

Looking for someone to lease the boat to. Sold! For $60,000

Brain given to shrine of Ouroboros to contact Columbus. “Oh god, they’re taking me, they’re taking me down there, the darkness, it’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold” -Sir it’s been an honor working for you sir!

Visiting the herbalist. The darkness will “mark” you if it touches you. It is an entity. Taste and feel where he is. Mask the victim with light.


Colin has a fat horse, I get a white steed with a red cape and HORSESHOES OF THE ZEPHOR, Peter gets a fucking horse horse, Mariah just gets a horse.

In Ilnar: Red light district
Peter chats up an elvish barmaid. Simplicity and wisdom. Gets lucky. Greg fails a drinking game with Colin, who passes out. Colin hits on a chair, ends up as little spoon.

Horses in the throne room with food & apples. Follow the path towards the island. No signs of darkness… yet… Reach the underground coast.

The kid is becoming older 11-12 now as opposed to 7-8 when we picked him up. Plateaus around 14 years old.

Nightmares get worse. Peter hears all the screams, sounds like a slaughter. Slaughter, slaughter, slaughter. Colin sees the dream. As he starts to wake up he starts to see. A wide open stone room with bodies floating. Sprawled like a crucifixion.

Large, ornate, dark with blueish crystals. Kid opens it.

COLIN USES FORM OF THE VENGEFUL STORM: blows away the darkness, reveals a dark figure from which the darkness emanates. There is a firewall (cold) between us and him.


PLOT TWIST We just killed its mount.

Day 2 of the adventure!


Where did this guy come from??? Anyways, welcome anyways Vincent.


Dailys and Encounters EVERYWHERE

Frozen people everywhere. Colin punts it into the wall, Jeremy flurry of blows and punches the eye out of the Beholder.


Picked up a quart of blood and three eyeballs!

Symbols in the ground are directing us apparently (says the kid)


Healed up everybody

He is old as fuck. From a long-lost civilization.

This place is OLD AS BALLS.

Pick up holy hand grenades. Silver Bow and silver-tipped arrows. Fishing knives. Picked up rice and healing potions. Halberd

Find a map with MORE LAND.

A fortress island of the Ancient Mariners (who had a Rime?)

The old guy is a racist and a jerk. But he’s too powerful. Must find a way to dispose of him later.

Tunnel to the ocean marked.


Molest people in the town square, visit Tavern.

Visit the docks, Kooky Kolombo looking for a round world! and some jerk going southwest.


Day 1

Kid is glowing, herbalist is high, dwarf is puking, shady man is going after the kid’s glowing thing.

Colin succeeds in intimidation check: radish-wielding salesman goes after Colin
Dwarfmancer – The Radish used to kill dwarfs and goblins
Anti-gravity field near its tip, throws something. Powerful.
Ambushed by bandits! With crossbows! In trees!
Bandits killed except for one: unconscious and frozen. Taken for interrogation.
Peter takes heavy crossbow and bows and arrows
Merchant burned and unconscious
Loot his body
Goggles and radish go to Colin
Goggles go to Mariah
200 gp each from Merchant, 120 gp from bandits
Eversmoking Bottle – Peter
Horseshoes of the Zephor- Greg
Peter- +1 dagger, lights up
26 charge cure serious wound wand – Greg
Scroll of flame arrow, scroll of detect undead
Bandit: work for myself, you had moneyz. Peter slits his throat
The kid is awake! Completely useless. no idea where/who he is.
Burn the bodies.

Village with elves and humans: outskirts of the capital
+4000 gp for turning in the merchant
The dagger is old as hell
Runes on it: untranslatable.

Mariah wins drinking contest, everyone but Jeremy hungover.

Library time!
Follow the orb to the books
Gods based on sea/sun/moon, high technology, disappeared a long time ago. Just coming out of a dark age.
Value knowledge.
The kid can read the ancient dialect
Copy down a map of a city in a notebook.
Entrances below and above the city.
“For those who seek the light, the light will come to them”
Herbalist staying in Elf City.
Guess we’re going on to Shrewd
Dwarf, couple, going to Shrewd

Darkness darkness everywhere
Leave the civies in the wagon
Go into a cave,
Floating eye with tentacles


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