Alex (DM): Darkest Depths

Day 7

Pick up the cubes (separately) and follow time-line back to the village.

Lady and Colin’s bro hanging to the ceiling by their heart. Mariah takes time-compass, emergency food.

Back to the tunnels and the druids.

Frozen bodies on the trail have cracks over their hearts.

Mariah’s cat’s mom’s heart is ripped out. Druid’s circle, everybody’s gone. Even the animals and druids are gone. Silence.

Ride back to Ilnar things are normal. Magical Ministry. Try to get answers from the help desk. They are busy. Old man is the guy in charge. Fire stone is in the “desert”. Firescape from hell. A pin attached to cloaks that prevents eyes of darkness from fixing off. 2 ways: over or under. Climbing kit or break through seals.

Break through the rock pile, darkness on the other side.

Little kid’s fortune teller “Because Darkness is at the Heart of Everything” Pebbles falling from above.

Stop for the night: Mariah has living night terrors. Have to shock her to wake her up. On the first night after Mariah, Colin thinks he’s choking on his own blood, heart’s about to be ripped out. And the second night after. Basically everybody (except Greg) has night terrors one night.

Straight drop into hellscape. Belay down. Scorched earth. Hit the ground.

Southeast: reach a petrified shipwreck. Exists in a whole in time. Break open chests.

cap’n is charred, clutching, but he has his heart. Clothing is mysterious, unknown, probably from Atlantis. First mate, lookout scorched and petrified.

Boulders have fire, cooking utensils. Unflapped tent. Two guardians with crossbows aimed. We show them our pins, they’re exiles from one of the original demons, they’re banished. Same origin: banished to two separate wastelands: firey and wintery.

We tell them the story of the villagers and they curse in abyssal.



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