Alex (DM): Darkest Depths

Day 8 (part 1)

The guardian people come with us (2 people)

Giant creepy rib cage a mile away. Crit perception. The ribs are tall enough to walk through. They are huge. But not building sized. Cracks on left side, heart torn out and stuff in them. Not sure age, weathering, or pre-death. Left side ribs are more cracked and shattered, cracking and shattering. Skeleton of an ancient great demon. Weird. They usually get sucked back to the other plane. somebody bound it to this plane.

City with high wall, huge gate. Very high tower sticking out. It’s the “Capital” of the region. Capital of the demons bound to this world. Possible portal to hell at the top of the tower. Magic regulates the city. most demons here are evil. May require a blood sacrifice.

Huge eye in the gate, red eye, a foot across. Catlike. Like the eye of sauron… with less fire. interrogates us.

Demon-Atlantean Treaty was broken long ago, nobody knows by who. The demons also do not like the Darkness (manmade that bridges dimensions). They agree to let us in with a blood sacrifice, everyone donates a pint of blood.

City is a maze whose walls change every time you enter or leave. We wander through the maze and reach the base of the tower.

Tower is made entirely of inscribed symbols.
“Mortals believe hell is below
But the eternal fall is heaven’s woe
But know that there is no good above
Just a different hell for mortal scum”

Colin wiffs on an attack with Mariah, blood fills a thin trench, stairs descend below the tower.

Invisible demons all around us visible via the goggles, screwing around with our stuff in our bags, messing with our heads. They shy away from the liquid darkness.

We go to the roof by going downstairs.

On the roof is a strange 5-dotted structure (five red stones) with a cat=eye thingy in the middle. Source of the power.

We step into the circle and a pentagram starts. Eye goes dark black. He was formed of this plane by THE WIZARD. He holds back the demons. No way to break the pentagram without removing him.

THE FIGHT (we poured darkness on 3/5 of the fire stones, might have been a bad idea)

Beat it, get the fire stone, things go to shit. All the demons are corporeal, running out to the real world to get to living souls. All the demons rise with their hearts beating, trying to escape from their chests. Ice storm @ the gate to hold them for a bit but they’re climbing out. everything becoming unpetrified. We time crack back to the cliff and prepare to leave.



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