Alex (DM): Darkest Depths

Day 8: Part 2


Wizard guy appears after Greg talks smack about him. He chews us out (rightfully) (not?). Apparently there were other stones. (bullshit).

All stones:
+2 Str
+3 Con
+2 hp / 7 turns
+3 hp / 7 turns
x2 major actions / turns

Back in the tunnels. Through the flooded room, into the main palace structure, looking for side room stuff.

Memories, kid was a prince. Was saved by the tutor, younger, sent in time. Now he’s the right age. Now he’s about 35ish. Apparently he was regaining memories. Who knew?

In the central chamber, Darkness takes a humanoid form, can devolve into a serpentine configuration.



Darkness is sealed. Hall is flooded, darkness in the world is severely weakened, demon invasion stopped. All the petrified people unpetrified.


Kid’s name was Forsworn. Quasi-demigod. Descended from mortals. Magically bound to protect the city. He couldn’t die until he avenged it.

Voice in head: you can’t defeat darkness without becoming darkness.

Kid gives us the belt + black stone (friend and foe identification)

Start a merchandising company: Bobbleheads of Heroes of the Mortal Realm.



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