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You and your companions are in a caravan headed North to the more temperate of the middle lands, near Illnar, the elven capital, and Shrude, a sea town founded by ancient mariners from across the Ocean. You are about 3 days travel from one of the outskirting towns; also traveling with you are a newlywed couple, a merchant in a long coat carrying rather shady wares that are most likely illegal, a young rangerling in the corner who is never without his cloak and never speaks but can be heard quietly crying the nights away, an herbalist who has kindly concocted teas to take away the Ulfgar’s roadsickness (dwarves do not like rocking motions…), and a rather giddy old gent (who keeps rambling about the Lord of Eyes, talking runes, and something about a harvest). The journey is a long one so you pray to your various gods and you go to sleep, ready for the next adventure to find you.

Unfortunately, it is sooner rather than later.

You awake to a blinding burst of light; at first you think it is the salesman trying to sell you some of his confounded wares again but you soon realize its coming from the rangerling in the corner; he appears unconscious but he is clutching something that appears to be the source of the light. Do you investigate and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes? What ancient secrets are waiting to be uncovered?

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