Alex (DM): Darkest Depths

Day 5:

We emerge from the water in a sexy montage. Apparently killing the hydra didn’t make us heroes, though. And also we didn’t kill the hydra and it’s come back with more heads. We killed it after it regrew about 9 heads or so, but the townspeople were understandably irate at the loss of their dock. Peter oh so generously paid for repairing the dock which made the townspeople love him. Then we swam down and grabbed the magic item from the hydra. After resting up fr the night, we got some horses for free and set out again to find the druids.

Then we got accosted by spiders. And we killed them. However, in the process we set our horses on fire and ended up setting the entire forest on fire. We still vanquished the spiders but unfortunately lost the horses because SOMEBODY decided that that would be a good idea. We arrived in Illnar and found that our horses were being taken care of.

Soon after, we learned of the location of the druids and set off to see if they could help us. However, they weren’t willing to help us right out. We agreed to protect them during one of their weird night rituals and got attacked by a bunch of darkness-controlled vines. Then the black ooze infected a tree, which we killed as well, and then some of the druids. They all floated in the air, we managed to save at least one of them, and the rest died similarly to how our friend the captain did.

We got the Breathing Stone!



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